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Working from Home, week 1

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These are strange times we live in. Maybe someday we will find it useful to look back at what we were thinking back in early 2020!

I'll count the past week as the first week that I've spent mostly working from home, since I only spent about 1.5 work-days in the office.

Productivity expectations

This week feels rather different from the usual "oh I'm feeling under the weather or actually sick and I'll just wfh today", because when you're sick-and-wfh anything non-zero is a win, but I don't feel like this widespread wfh comes with that commonly understood expectation of lowered productivity (yet). It might be just me though.

I think a lot of other people are going to have their wfh productivity impacted more than usual because of these unusual times, so we should really just straight up tell people that it's okay!

After all, they might now have multiple people working at home, kids might be out of childcare/preschool entirely or soon to be put on home-based learning x days a week, stressing out about scheduling grocery store trips and purchase limits since grocery delivery services are hugely backlogged...

Work environment

Working from home for multiple days on end is different from a couple hours in the evening or a day on the weekend. Ergonomics matter more! Working from a sofa (or bed) is eventually as painful as working from Starbucks gets.

Things I did this weekend to try and improve my wfh environment:

Things I didn't manage to do:

I don't think those items will be fixed anytime soon, so I'm just gonna try my best to carefully shuffle the HDMI cable (and keyboard's USB cable) around!

For this week I'll try to keep a litre water bottle around like I do at my work desk, to encourage hydration. I usually run through a full bottle and 2-3 mugs of tea/coffee in a day, so I'm definitely drinking less than usual recently.