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Obligatory post to mark the switch to yet another static site generator, this time from Hugo to Zola.

Zola is distributed as a single binary (Rust instead of Go, but as a user, who cares?), seems very focused and tightly scoped (perhaps to a fault, but we'll see...), uses the Tera template engine with Jinja2-style syntax (no more Go templates!!!), and the docs aren't too bad.

It's pretty nice that I got my Hugo site moved over without too much fuss, and even switched to and made some modifications to this theme, without having to read all the docs. And without having felt like I needed to read all the docs.

I did get tripped up by having to do get_sections() on each of a section's array of subsection names, but really, things could be worse.

I also don't have tags (taxonomy) set up yet, so it's not 100% feature complete yet, but who needs that when people are only coming in to specific posts via search engines anyway? :) Maybe I'll fix that next time, or more realistically, with the next CMS or static site generator.